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Impolite Spirituality & Religion

Graham Roos Took his Mother on a Trip to Rome with 'a Spiritual Twist'. They did not enjoy it...

Rome, Travel, Humour

Are spirituality and religion two sides of the same coin?

Spirituality, Religion

Bestselling author Jane Owen's take on modern spirituality, whether you can find the meaning of life on the Internet and where she finds her purpose.

Humour, Spirituality, New Age

World-renowned Tantra teacher Hanna Katz explains there's much more to the ancient discipline than long sex sessions

Tantra, Spirituality, Religion, Sex

Our regular contributor shares his experience of visiting a Death Cafe in London

Death, Death Cafe, jon underwood, Nietzsche

A Shocking First Hand Account of Being Gay in Africa's Most Populous Country

Homosexuality, Homophobia, Nigeria, Africa

This ancient festival fulfills two of our deepest needs, Dan Barnett writes

Halloween, Psychology

To many in Poland Halloween is a left-wing, if not pagan threat to the country's moral and religious wellbeing. Our Polish columnist explains

It's legal, easy and tax-deductible - and there's no shortage of suckers

Business, Meditation, Yoga

If we somehow got rid of religion, would we kinder, less judgemental and more peaceful? Dan Barnett is not convinced...

Religion, Accountability, Responsibility

Ali Saleem, the openly bisexual, cross-dressing actor speaks exclusively about his work and fears for his safety

Begum, Pakistan, TV, Geopolitics

Why YOU may be a New Ager without realising it

New Age, Science, Religion

Have you ever thought you were reincarnated?

Reincarnation, Travel, Italy

Best-selling author Jez Alborough
dares to use the four-letter 'L-Word'

Jez Alborough, Love

Will people stop believing in religion when science can promise eternal life?

Atheism, Religion, Fear of God