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Impolite Sex

A Survival Guide for men in illicit relationships

Sex, Lovers, Adultery

Novelist Judy Astley & Friends on the DOs and DON’Ts of Sleeping with Another Woman’s Husband

Sex, Mistress, Affair

If you think Man's Best Friend is a dog you might want to think again...

Sex, Masturbation, Man's Real Best Friend

A short story about looks, body image, aging and plastic surgery

Short Story, Looks, Body Image, Aging, Plastic Surgery

A celebration of outdoor group sex by Impolite favourite Graham Roos

Poetry, Dogging, Group Sex

Bestselling author Hugh Gurney argues that Christ had more in common with the first punks than you might imagine

Jesus, Punk, Rebels

World-renowned Tantra teacher Hanna Katz explains there's much more to the ancient discipline than long sex sessions

Tantra, Spirituality, Religion, Sex

A Shocking First Hand Account of Being Gay in Africa's Most Populous Country

Homosexuality, Homophobia, Nigeria, Africa

A recent media storm in Ireland illustrates the perils of being unable to leave a liberal bandwagon un-jumped upon


When The Sun's agony aunt says “Few of us are 100 per cent straight” is it time to reassess how we consider sexuality in the 21st Century?

Gay, Homosexuality, Homophobia

An older woman's shares her thoughts about the big 'It'


Why we must boycott the Sochi Olympics

Sochi Olympics, Lord Coe, Sport

Warning - explicit content!

Prostitution, Feminism, Empowerment

A Poem by Graham Roos

Inner City

Ali Saleem, the openly bisexual, cross-dressing actor speaks exclusively about his work and fears for his safety

Begum, Pakistan, TV, Geopolitics

So why is it not being rolled out nationally?

Hate Crime, Human Rights, Social Change, Activism

Sexuality, Labels, Stereotypes

How our need for labels caused me to mislabel myself and my sexuality

Sexuality, Sexual Identity

A woman's experience of porn's effect on her younger lovers

Explicit, Porn, Online Safety, Technology, Social Change