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Impolite Science

An honest & moving interview with an amazing mother who does

Autism Spectrum, Prior's Court School

4.5/5 Stars: Monty Python's Terry Jones presents an excellent documentary on the 2008 financial crash - informative, entertaining & very accessible

Film, Reviews

A tribute to the man who transformed mental health care for the Deaf around the world

Deaf, Mental Health, Transformation

The Chair of the Athena SWAN project tells us about its vital role in increasing the number of women scientists in the UK

Julia Higgins, Athena Project, Engineering, Polymer Science

Her contribution to Watson & Crick’s Nobel Prize is being recognised but do you know what else she achieved?

Women in Science, Rosalind Franklin, DNA, X-Ray Crystallography

Our science editor celebrates the Hubble Space Telescope's 25th Anniversary

Science, Hubble, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Gravitational Lensing

It's often misunderstood and hard to get diagnosed - here are the signs to look out for

Dyspraxia, Bullying, Self-esteem

Becky Killoran knew she was stressed and just wasn't coping; it turns out she was depressed. Here's what she learned, and what you can do if you think you might be depressed.

Health, Depression, Mental Health

Soft robotic mobility clothing & the greatest absence of evolution ever 

Science, Robots, Mobility, Evolution

A poem about the environment

Environment, Pollution, global warming, Poetry

Why ants favour turning left when entering unknown spaces; detecting breast cancer through changes in bodily zinc levels; evening primroses help us to understand why sex is good for us 

Science, Ants, Brain Lateralisation, Zinc Levels, Breast Cancer, Primroses, Asexual reproduction, sexual reproduction

The so-called Season of Goodwill is one of the most stressful & depressing. Our resident psychotherapist Dr Robert Owen shares 5 of his Top 10 Tips for a year-round happier life

Happiness, Psychology, Positive Psychology, Philosophy, Psychotherapy

The latest from the world of science including swapping bacteria when French kissing, are robot teams the future of planetary exploration? & reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s

Science News, Kissing, Bacteria, Microbes, Planetary Rover

If we somehow got rid of religion, would we kinder, less judgemental and more peaceful? Dan Barnett is not convinced...

Religion, Accountability, Responsibility

Part two of a powerful new model for explaining how and why we develop specific diseases at specific times


An invitation to drown yourself in guilt

Eating dolphin

A powerful new model for explaining how and why
we develop specific diseases at specific times


Bestselling author Prof Jane Plant of Imperial College London on diet, dairy's risks and more.

Health, Diet, Food Cancer, Dairy, Meat, Vegetarianism