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Unanswerable Questions for Brexiters #3


Unanswerable Questions for Brexiters #2

Brexit, United Kingdom, Scotland

Unanswerable Questions for Brexiters #1

Brexit, Unanswerable Questions

Exclusive interview:
"It’s begun to get through to the Tories that this is a catastrophic option"

Politics, General Election 2017, Vince Cable, Twickenham

Baroness Jenny Tonge, former Lib Dem MP for Richmond Park, says party leader is "displaying ignorance and bigotry"

Politics, General Election 2007

If you're voting in Richmond Park today, we ask that you don't back the dog-whistling faux independent

Politics, Richmond Park, Zac Goldsmith

We asked for your support for refugees in Athens: Here's what Dan Steiner found, did and spent there

Greece, Refugee Crisis

Ethan Regal reports from Nigeria
WARNING: This article contains content many will find distressing

Nigeria, child abuse, Sex Abuse

Editorial - Share this and help Mrs May stop OUTRAGEOUS & UNFAIR tax avoidance like the Grosvenor family's £3billion-plus trust scheme

Wealth, Tax, Theresa May

EXCLUSIVE: Babyboomer & acclaimed novelist Judy Astley takes a wry look at the UK vote to leave the EU

EU referendum, Politics, Intolerance

A short poem by Jenny Tonge, member of the House of Lords

Holidays, Debate, Politics

"All roads lead us back to Craig Whittaker MP" says our source; there are questions for the Mayor of Calderdale too...


Bestselling thriller author Hector Macdonald makes a positive case for voting to Remain in the EU

Politics, European Union, Brexit, Remain

World Exclusive: Chairman resigns, Craig Whittaker MP's office to be investigated next sources say


Another poem about politics from Impolite favourite, Amy Barone

US Politics

A poem about the US elections by Impolite favourite Amy Barone

Politics, US Politics, US Elections US 2016 Presidential Campaign

A profile of the Green Party's candidate for the London elections tomorrow 

Politics, Greater London Authority Elections, Green Party

A profile of WE's candidate in the election for Mayor of London on 5th May

Politics, Greater London Authority Elections

A profile of the Liberal Democrat standing for Mayor of London

Politics, Greater London Authority Elections

Barrister Jo Shaw is standing for the London Assembly and talks to us exclusively about the party, why she’s standing and how today’s inequalities affect us all

Politics, Greater London Authority Elections

EXCLUSIVE: The most experienced candidate in the race to become Mayor of London tell us about her proudest achievements in the London Assembly, the Lib Dem ‘brand’, running a positive campaign and working with other parties

Politics, Greater London Authority Elections

Former Newsnight political editor James Cox tells us why no vote is wasted


Counterintuitive as it may seem, our editor argues that doing more, not less is the answer if you're disillusioned...

Politics, Volunteering

EXCLUSIVE: The Dr Who actor talks to us about work, the possibility of being the first female Doctor, politics, personal development and more

Sophie Aldred, Actor, Dr Who, Ace

Traolach Ó Buachalla explains how his father's death, and a book, challenged his assumptions about same-sex marriage.

Ireland, Gay Marriage, Referendum

Bestselling author Hugh Gurney argues that Christ had more in common with the first punks than you might imagine

Jesus, Punk, Rebels

A poem by Jenny Tonge, member of the House of Lords, about her workplace

Poetry, Politics, House of Lords

A Shocking First Hand Account of Being Gay in Africa's Most Populous Country

Homosexuality, Homophobia, Nigeria, Africa

Former BBC Newsnight Political Editor James Cox Asks "Has the English Political Class' Staggering Complacency Cost Us the Union?"

Politics, Scotland, Scottish Referendum

From preparation for war to peaceful tour, a former lecturer in Political Science at Kingston College makes a case for the EU.

Europe, EU, 1914

I've only once been subject to overt racism. UKIP make it more likely that it will happen again.

UKIP, UK Politics, Elections, Racism

A recent media storm in Ireland illustrates the perils of being unable to leave a liberal bandwagon un-jumped upon


A Poem by Graham Roos

Poetry, Politics, House of Lords

Former BBC Director General & Current Football Associate Chairman Greg Dyke on how to fix UK politics

Taking fresh food from bins means you don't need to choose between keeping warm and eating this winter

Eating, Poverty

Snowden Revelations, Privacy, Security, NSA, GCHQ

The Government just ignores it anyway... An outraged American writes about the implications of the Snowden revelations

US Constitution, Politics

Veteran BBC political reporter James Cox imagines where we'd be today had Gordon Brown called an election for October 2008 – and won.

Politics, Counterfactual, UK Politics, Gordon Brown, General Elections

Former BBC Director General & Current Football Associate Chairman Greg Dyke diagnoses what's wrong with UK politics

Politics, Democracy, Proportional Representation, Political Dysfunction

Why we must boycott the Sochi Olympics

Sochi Olympics, Lord Coe, Sport

Ali Saleem, the openly bisexual, cross-dressing actor speaks exclusively about his work and fears for his safety

Begum, Pakistan, TV, Geopolitics

74 years ago this month Nazi Germany invaded Poland.
Was there an alternative?

Poland, Europe, World War II

An invitation to drown yourself in guilt

Eating dolphin

Attack on cyclist and border delays seen as latest in long line of provocations

Gibraltar, Britain, Spain, Politics, Territorial Disputes

Have you really thought it through?

By Phil Bennion, Member of the European Parliament

European Union, Politics

So why is it not being rolled out nationally?

Hate Crime, Human Rights, Social Change, Activism

A Poem by Graham Roos

Power, Poetry

Our Polish Londoner columnist on how cultural differences can lead to unintentional rude words.

Identity, Cultural Differences, Language

A Northern Irishman living in New York writes: "there are funny guys, mean ones, nerds & rebels everywhere".

Identity, Cultural Differences, Northern Ireland

& where are they now then, eh?

Trade Unionism, Economy, Job Security

Our editor on Margaret Thatcher's recent passing: "I can’t believe how little I feel now".

Politics, Mrs Thatcher, Balance, Growing Up

The rich get richer, the rest of us get poorer and no one seems to know what to do about it.

Economy, Inequality, Media, Truth, Reality