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Impolite Appeal for Refugees in Athens

Impolite Writer and Homelessness Charity Expert Dan Steiner is travelling to Athens to support refugees - here's how you can help


Impolite writer Dan Steiner, a highly experienced homelessness charity worker, is going to Athens soon to provide help and support to refugees who are stranded there and we’re helping him raise funds to buy essential items for these very vulnerable people.


“This is especially resonant for me as my father and grandfather arrived in the UK in 1939 as refugees from Czechoslovakia,” he says. “If it wasn't for the help, support and acceptance of this nation I wouldn't be here today.”


Every Christmas for the last 13 years Dan has volunteered with Crisis, a UK charity that helps the homeless. He’s now a senior volunteer there, which means he has received a lot of training (for example in first aid, volunteer management and mental health awareness) that is transferrable to the situation in Athens.


Dan Steiner

Dan will be travelling and working with friends from Crisis and he’s raising money so that, while they’re there, they can buy essential items for refugees ranging from food, water, toiletries, nappies, toys, pens and classroom supplies to babies' buggies and rucksacks for the refugees to store their belongings. “These people have nothing other than hope and what they could carry,” Dan says. “Their homes, towns, lives, careers and dreams have been destroyed. Whole cities in Syria have been obliterated; these people have nothing to go back to. They’re no different from you or me, they’re doctors, lawyers, teachers, bus drivers, cleaners, people from all walks of life. They just happened to be living in the wrong country at the wrong time.”


“About 350 of these refugees are currently squatting in a disused school. This makeshift shelter is being managed by volunteers from all over the world, helping in all manner of ways from cooking, cleaning, teaching and playing games with the children, to interpreting and helping find out crucial and correct information.”


Dan only rarely appeals for donations and we hope you’ll support his life-changing work if you can – all donations, however small, will make a difference. Whether you’re willing and able to donate or not, please share this article on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc accounts, and spread the word to any of your friends and family who you think may be sympathetic.


Dan has written about his experience with Crisis and the work he and his friends will be doing in Athens here.


Thanks in advance,


Matthew Wherry,

Founder and Editor


Main Image: Syrians and Iraq refugees arrive at Skala Sykamias, Lesvos, Greece last year.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

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