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META-Health: Understanding Pain and Disease

Part two of a powerful new model for explaining how and why we develop specific diseases at specific times


In the first part of this article, we looked at how disease is a meaningful process based on our beliefs about ourselves and the world.


Our bodies, which are highly adaptive, run a kind of biological adaptation programme in response to a conflict or shock. The intention of the programme is to increase the strength or effectiveness of that part of the body which will enable it to deal better with that specific conflict in future and therefore for us to survive better as a species.


More specifically, each type of conflict will affect a specific organ or body structure and a comprehensive disease chart has been created which maps out all the conflicts. This therefore means that if you have physical symptoms or disease, a META-Health practitioner can tell you the emotional conflict you have been running.


In the first part of this article, we looked in detail at the META-Health disease process. The two main parts of this are the conflict phase and the resolution or healing phase. We will now look at exactly what is happening in the body during these two phases and how this creates disease.



Cell plus and minus


Our brain has four layers which govern all the different organs and structures within the body:
1. The brainstem is the most primitive part of the brain and controls digestion and survival
2. The cerebellum is about protection
3. The medulla governs strength and movement
4. The cortex is responsible for our social and territorial issues.


The brainstem and cerebellum programmes are basic survival programmes and during the stress phase the organs and body structures produce extra cells. This is known as ‘cell plus’. This enables the organ or tissue to quickly work more effectively – i.e. to digest better, to take in more air, to protect the body better. This process of ‘cell plus’ is on a small level and would generally not be noticeable unless it was a very big conflict. During the repair phase these extra cells are broken down (cell minus) and expelled from the body. This is done with the help of bacteria, fungi and viruses which build up during the stress phase but which remain inactive until the repair phase.


An example of a brainstem organ are the alveoli in the lungs. The conflict for the alveoli is ‘fear of dying’. During the conflict phase more alveoli cells are produced which enables the body to take in more air. Once the conflict is over bacteria will break down these extra cells which would probably show up as cough with mucous.


For the medulla and the cortex, there is a loss of cells (cell minus) during the stress phase and in the resolution phase extra cells are formed (cell plus). The purpose of this is to make the organ or body structure bigger and stronger in the long term so that it can deal more effectively with any future conflicts. Again, microbes are used in the repair phase.


An example of a medulla organ is a muscle. The conflict for the muscles is ‘not strong enough, not good enough’. There is also a specific conflict for different muscles in the body – for example the lower back is about not feeling understood, so the conflict here would be ‘I’m not good enough or strong enough because I’m not understood’. During the conflict phase the muscle breaks down a little and loses cells in preparation for the repair phase and then during the repair phase extra cells would be formed so that the muscle is stronger. There would be pain and swelling in the repair phase which we would label ‘backache’ or ‘sore shoulder’, depending on where it is in the body.




Why does this process create disease?


So how does this process create serious disease or long-term recurring pain or other ailments? It is estimated that most people have an average of 20 programmes running at any one time. Most of them resolve quickly and without lasting physical effect. However sometimes a programme can develop into what we would call ‘disease’.


From a META-Health perspective, ‘disease’ is as simple as the mechanism of cell plus and/or cell minus. If we are in a medulla or cortex healing phase, we are producing extra cells and there is swelling and pain as part of this process. Depending on where in the body the programme is running, this would be labelled as arthritis or eczema or back pain or even cancer, for example.


If a conflict has been very intense or very long then the repair phase will be intense which will create strong or sustained pain and symptoms. ‘Hanging healings’ are also very common and are responsible for most long-term pain and disease. Hanging healings are where we experience a conflict, resolve it, get partway through the repair phase, get retriggered, go back into the stress phase again and so on. Each time we retrigger and repair we are creating more physical ‘symptoms’.


Going back to the example in the first part of the article where someone discovers their partner has been cheating on them, a hanging healing may take place when we resolve the issue as we are spending time with friends and slowly living a new life then we see our ex one day in the street and this brings back all the feelings we had. Or we may see our new partner flirting with someone and this will retrigger the feelings from the original conflict.


So, to stop the pain or disease we need to stop the process of cell plus/minus. This is done by thoroughly resolving the original conflict, including our beliefs about ourselves and the world. Therapies such as counselling, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and NLP can be effective for doing this.



The bigger picture


In addition to emotional conflicts, there are lots of other stressors on our bodies now. Our diet has changed dramatically since the industrial revolution and most people’s diets are pretty poor. Our bodies are overly acidic as we eat too much dairy, grains and sugar. We drink and smoke and often take pharmaceutical drugs. We take less and less exercise and our environment is full of toxins. We often do not rest when we need to but continually pursue excitement and stimulation, both mentally and physically. Our bodies are under stress from all directions.


These aspects are not the cause of disease in themselves but they are often part of the picture. If our bodies are healthy we will heal better and easier, we will have less inflammation. The conflicts will have less impact on us physically in the first place. If our vitality is poor because of our lifestyle, symptoms will often be much more aggravated.


For example, if you have severe eczema it is probable that as well as having a programme running you will also have dietary issues such as lack of omega 3 oil or an allergy, or the liver is overloaded with toxins. Therefore the eczema can be hugely improved by taking supplements, changing your diet, supporting the liver, etc. The programme will still be running underneath but it should be less problematic. For long term and complete removal of the eczema, however, the conflict will need to be looked at and resolved.


We tend to get more pain and disease as we get older, this is because our bodies are generally less effective and have less vitality. The years and years of bad diet, lack of exercise and toxins have also had longer to take effect, as have the unresolved META-Health programmes.


There is also undoubtedly a genetic influence on our health. Through our genes we inherit our ancestors’ conflicts and ways of thinking and of perceiving the world. This can be a useful mechanism for survival of the species but it can mean that we are more prone to the same illnesses as our ancestors. The good news is that recent discoveries in cell biology (see Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Belief) have shown that our genes respond to our thoughts and we can therefore change our genetic inheritance.


Another reason why we often appear to inherit our parents’ genetic patterns is that our childhood programming will be strongly affected by our parents’ emotional reactions to the world and we will often adopt the same emotional patterns which will lead us to the same conflicts and therefore experience the same diseases. For example, the offspring of a parent with low self-esteem is probably likely to have low self-esteem themselves.





When we get pain and disease our bodies are giving us a really valuable message. Looking at this message in more detail can give us amazing potential to heal ourselves on a bigger scale. For example, if a client came to me with back pain I will know that they have core issues around not feeling strong enough or good enough. We could then explore how they feel about themselves, their thought patterns, their childhood programming, the beliefs they have formed, and can start to change their perception of themselves and the world around them. In the long term, not only will they have got rid of their back pain but they will also have become happier and more confident which will have a profound effect on the rest of their lives.


METAHealth is a difficult model as it goes against much of the philosophy of the current health model. Most doctors see bacteria and viruses as the enemy, the cause of disease, where as we know that they are essential helpers. Pain is seen as a problem, a mistake, something to be fixed, where as we know it usually indicates that we are healing. Disease is seen as the enemy, as something random and cruel, a problem with our body chemistry, where as we see the body as highly intelligent and adaptive. Doctors will think you are barmy if you mention the concepts behind and yet almost every stage of every disease process can be explained by applying this model.


For me METAHealth just made sense when I heard about it. It can be very complex to get to the bottom of some disease processes and changing the way people feel and react to situations can be a difficult and lengthy process, but I believe the only way forward with health is to work with the root cause of illness, rather than just managing, masking or removing our symptoms with drugs or surgery as we currently do. METAHealth provides us with a lot of answers and the sooner we start to understand the profound effect that our emotions and our perceptions have on our physical bodies, the better.


Eleanor Hatherley

About the Writer

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Eleanor spent many years as a graphic designer and, after experiencing a stressful event in her life, started using Emotional Freedom Technique, first on herself and then training to become a practitioner. She then came across META-Health and now regularly uses it in her therapy sessions as it often provides the missing link to wellness. She is also currently training as a META-Kinetics practitioner, using kinesiology to find conflicts. This is a quicker and more effective way to get to the bottom of health issues.


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