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Sian Berry - Green Party Candidate

A profile of the Green Party's candidate for the London elections tomorrow 


“Dynamic, articulate and engaging, [Sian Berry]’s well known and widely admired, particularly for her outstanding work on environmental issues in the city. An experienced and effective local councillor and campaigner, she has a strong track record of promoting equality and social justice as well as sustainability.”

Caroline Lucas MP


Sian Berry joined the Green Party in 2001 and has been a councillor in the London Borough of Camden since 2014. Before she became the Green party candidate for Mayor of London and began campaigning full time, she worked for the Campaign for Better Transport, a charity aiming to improve London’s public transport.


She believes in the “power of good ideas” and wants to make London a “fairer place to live and work” by supporting the London Living Wage, making sure there’s sufficient funding for local services and improving conditions for local workers. For example, by introducing a rent cap and reducing fares on the Tube from outer London districts. She’ll also improve planning policies and reduce air pollution in the city by making the capital’s low emission zone more effective and improving access to London’s bike-sharing scheme.


This is the second time Sian has stood for Mayor; she first stood in 2008 and came 4th, just behind the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats. She is also number 1 on the list of Green candidates for the London Assembly, the body that holds the Mayor accountable for his/her actions, and is likely to win a seat.


If she is elected Mayor, Sian pledges to:

  • Halt council estate demolitions

  • Set up a London Renters Union open to all 2.3m private renters in the capital
  • Set up a Community Homes Unit in City Hall to provide expert help for communities to design and plan their own regenerations
  • Pressure the government to introduce some form of rent control

  • Cut fares for outer London, with fewer zones from next year and moving to flat fares by 2025

  • Introduce a one-hour ‘ONE Ticket’ covering all types of public transport so people no longer have to pay more than one fare for a single journey

  • Justice for part-timers with a lower rate for daily pay-as-you-go caps to match the savings made by people with monthly travelcards

  • Close City Airport and redevelop it for housing and innovative industry to remove noise and pollution blight for surrounding communities and make the site much more economically productive

  • Provide cheaper, greener energy from a not-for-profit London energy company


For more information about Sian

Photo credit: cc Garry Knight, Wikimedia


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