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Light Perpetual



On the shortest day
We stop the time
And draw out memories
Which span the years;


We peer into the flicker of a light
That hopes to make some meaning
Of the things we cannot grasp
Or hold forever
In our here
And now


Set our sights on something formless

As the hope of light to follow:
Something promised but not seen,
Not until the day turns over
And we make our way
Sure footed
Once again
Toward the minute upon minute
—only one doled out per day—
But a steady stream of longer


Not enough to sate the hunger
But only just to reassure
That those who sit and wait
In darkness

Shall not wait forever.




          (Reflection on a solstice funeral)

Wendy Sherer

About the Writer

Wendy grew up in the United States and has called the UK home since 2011. She earned an MA in broadcast journalism and is currently studying for a PhD, both at the University of Westminster.


Wendy lives in West London with her cat, Athena, and presents a weekly show on Radio Harrow.


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