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Inner City International

A Poem by Graham Roos

The London Eye in London, England by Mike Peel (


Curious changelings exploring this maze
spew blasphemous words they don’t understand
as invisible eyes telescopes down
instantly sensing a knife on the ground.
A boy falls clutching a shirt that weeps red:
A careless action has silenced his mouth,
he forgot respect for the bloods to his south.
No prayers for the dead, no requiem said
and just like in the films thugs pass with a shrug
on their quest to get high on mind blowing drugs.


Ziggurats menace the atmosphere’s bounds,
minarets calling those faithful to greed,
temples of commerce where men worship gold,
high priests of money’s perennial creed.
Bag-ladies, whose life is carried in hand,
look up where the rich drink vintage champagnes,
their smooth skins preserved through animal’s pain
and shots of gene altering embryo glands.
Mink wrapped medusas with long polished claws
warily walk past the street corner whores.


Men armed in leather stalk streets in hunger –
predatory eyes devour passers-by:
In darkness or daylight always the need,
raping the angels and stifling their cries.
Lords of the night club wink luminous eyes,
it’s party time twilight and out come the freaks,
transparent and thin – they’ve not slept in weeks
living off moon juice and bright starry skies.
And no one is shocked that lives in this place:
You keep your mind by averting your face.



From Apocalypse Calypso



Graham Roos

About the Writer

Graham Roos is a producer, writer and performer. His work has appeared in print, on stage, television and radio. Since 2011 he has been appointed the first Creative Artist in Residence at Buckingham University. His work has been performed by Derek Jacobi, Fenella Fielding and Janet Suzman and his publications include Rave (1997) and Apocalypse Calypso (2012).


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