Impolite Conversation is a place where we can talk about the things we were told not to discuss in polite company - politics, sex, spirituality & religion and money - as well as science, culture, personal development and more. Our content is not all risqué or even rude: When we use the word "Impolite", we're talking about an attitude - one of not blindly following conventions or authority, especailly when they divide (or even oppress) us. Are you Impolite? Find out more about us here and join or community here

About Impolite Conversation

The Basics


Have you ever felt no existing publication comes close to representing your world, life, friends and family? Have you ever felt you're reading regurgitated press releases, rather than journalism? Do you question whose interests what you read is serving and suspect that billionaire media moguls may not be entirely motivated by the wider public good? And do you hunger for content that respects your intelligence, challenges your preconceptions and broadens your mind and life?


We do and so we're creating a new sort of magazine. Impolite Conversation will be owned and managed by its subscribers, rather than rich individuals and institutions, and reflects our worlds, lives, priorities and values, not theirs.


We're starting small and quietly, with a few private editions to develop the content's style and appearance and to ensure the technology is doing what we require. When we're happy with what we have, we'll approach prospective high-profile participants and micro-investors for their support.


Thank you for joining us on this journey into the unknown!