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Thank you for your interest in, and support for,
Our New Media revolution

Most visitors to this early stage of OurNewMedia.com are very busy, so we appreciate your taking the time to join us.


We're a group of mostly UK-based thinkers and creatives with a great idea. Like all great ideas it's very simple:


Imagine a media company that produces quality and profitable content and
shares its power and profits fairly with those who make them.


The Internet has made this possible in ways that, until recently, were inconceivable.


Our initial project is the production of three top quality editions of an online magazine. As soon as these are of a sufficient standard we'll showcase them to prospective high-profile participants and micro-investors.


Whilst we'll always be looking for first class writers, photographers, artists, cartoonists, editors and designers to ensure our products are of the highest standard, if you feel you have something to contribute now's the best time to do so.


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