Impolite Conversation is a place where we can talk about the things we were told not to discuss in polite company - politics, sex, spirituality & religion and money - as well as science, culture, personal development and more. Our content is not all risqué or even rude: When we use the word "Impolite", we're talking about an attitude - one of not blindly following conventions or authority, especailly when they divide (or even oppress) us. Are you Impolite? Find out more about us here and join or community here

What's Impolite Conversation About?

What sort of content are we looking for?

 'You can't solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them.'
Albert Einstein


Were you ever taught that there are certain subjects – politics, religion, sex and money – that one shouldn't discuss in polite conversation? Whilst avoiding them may lead to superficial consensus, it also means the most important drivers in our society go unexplored and unchallenged – and it makes for a boring time too.


Impolite Conversation takes its name from four of its main themes: politics, religion/spirituality, sex and money. Our two other main themes are science and culture; if you have interesting content on any other subject we'd certainly like to see it too. We're especially keen to feature articles on environment, technology, health and alternative medicine.


We expect most of what we publish to be non-fiction – comment, articles and features – but would like fiction (short stories and serials) and poetry too. If you can write it, we're interested in seeing it! And of course we're looking for photographs, illustrations and artwork to adorn our pages.


Finally, we'd like funny content; content that amuses, cheers you up, makes you feel good – if the magazine is all serious, however good the quality, it will be too heavy for most tastes.


Now hopefully this may seem interesting and entirely reasonable to you, but there are a couple of things, on which you may have already picked up, that distinguishes Impolite Conversation from other publications - its attitude and pitch. We won't attempt to distil the attitude now - we know it when we see it and you will when we publish; the pitch is higher and smarter than any other mainstream publication we're aware of. We're looking for content that inspires, informs and challenges you, that transforms your life, others' and the planet; content you wouldn't and couldn't find in any other publication is especially welcome! Please look at our submission guidelines for more information.