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Exclusive: "I can never support the Lib Dems whilst Farron is leader"

Baroness Jenny Tonge, former Lib Dem MP for Richmond Park, says party leader is "displaying ignorance and bigotry"


Jenny Tonge, formerly Liberal Democrat MP for Richmond Park and now a member of the House of Lords, said today she cannot support the Lib Dems whilst Tim Farron is leader. 


In a Facebook post, Baroness Tonge criticised Mr Farron for sacking ex-MP David Ward as a Lib Dem general election candidate over comments Mr Ward has made in the past about Israel and Palestine. The full post reads: 


"This is a disgraceful action by LibDem leader Tim Farron, who has never been to Palestine and has never witnessed what is going on there. I know David Ward well and I KNOW he is not anti-Semitic. That phrase is being mis-used over and over again. I can never support the LibDems whilst Farron is leader.


"He is displaying ignorance and bigotry."


She did not say which candidate or party would get her support. Members of the House of Lords are not allowed to vote for their local member of the House of Commons.


Baroness Tonge's comments were linked to a page on the BBC News website about Mr Ward's sacking. If you want to find out more, click here for the link.


Photo credit:c/o Jenny Tonge

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