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Eighth Edition Editorial

Are we Charlie?

Hello and welcome to the eighth edition of Impolite Conversation. I’m Matthew, founder and editor-in-chief.


The biggest news in media since our last edition is of course the appalling massacre of 12 journalists, cartoonists and policemen at and around the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. It has been suggested we run a piece on this, although none were submitted and, to be honest, I didn't have much to add other than to express horror, anger and condolences, and to address the question of whether we would have published such cartoons.


In a word, no. We of course are all for freedom of expression and against bullying, which the attack on Charlie Hebdo was ultimately an extreme example of, but whilst some content on Impolite Conversation may be well be offensive to some, we never intentionally aim to cause offence, although we respect others' right to. Different publications do different jobs; we provoke in a gentler manner than Charlie Hebdo, and aim to provoke thought and a shared sense of humanity. This is why we've chosen not to use an image proclaiming "We are Charlie" in this edition, and instead we ask "Sommes-nous Charlie?" (Are we Charlie?) I'd argue that, if being Charlie is being in favour of freedom of speech and the right to offend, we are; if it means deliberately offending and causing upset, we certainly are not. What do you think?


The theme for this edition, in keeping with the time of year, is personal development; most of our content fits this theme in one way or another - we'll leave it to you to decide which they are. We do hope you enjoy it.


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Matthew Wherry

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Matthew is Impolite Conversation's editor.


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