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A poem by Impolite favourite Amy Barone


Blurred distances

Haunted by once familiar places.

New York has become a maze I can no longer navigate.

Rome is now a short train ride away.


Distorted time

People long forgotten play poignant roles on this stage.

They are integral to the stories, more familiar than they ever were before.

I wonder why I never saw them in this light.


Fleeting encounters

The unexpected is a tonic.

It melts away the mundane remnants of recent memories.

Exhilarated, I long to stay.


Altered state

I pledge to return and continue the drama,

of love gone right and travels around the world,

baggage-free, unplanned, weightless.


Photo used with permission. Credit (c) Jonathan Kilpatrick

Amy Barone

About the Writer

Amy's poetry has appeared in CityLitRag, First Literary Review - East, Gravida, Impolite Conversation (UK), Maintenant, Philadelphia Poets and The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow, among other publications. She reads at venues in New York City and Philadelphia and belongs to PEN America Center and the Brevitas online poetry community that celebrates the short poem. She spent five years as Italian correspondent for Women's Wear Daily and Advertising Age and is now a board member of the Italian American Writer's Association, co-organising and promoting their monthly readings in New York City. 


Amy's chapbook, Kamikaze Dance, was published in 2015 by Finishing Line Press. Her first collection, Views from the Driveway, was published by Foothills Publishing.


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