Impolite Conversation is a place where we can talk about the things we were told not to discuss in polite company - politics, sex, spirituality & religion and money - as well as science, culture, personal development and more. Our content is not all risqué or even rude: When we use the word "Impolite", we're talking about an attitude - one of not blindly following conventions or authority, especailly when they divide (or even oppress) us. Are you Impolite? Find out more about us here and join or community here

Impolite Culture

A Poem by Impolite Favourite Amy Barone

Poetry, New York City, Chelsea NYC, Romance

A Solstice Poem

Poetry, Solstice

An honest & moving interview with an amazing mother who does

Autism Spectrum, Prior's Court School

A poem by Impolite favourite Amy Barone


Novelist Judy Astley & Friends on the DOs and DON’Ts of Sleeping with Another Woman’s Husband

Sex, Mistress, Affair

A poem about breaking wind

Poetry, Farting, Breaking Wind

We asked for your support for refugees in Athens: Here's what Dan Steiner found, did and spent there

Greece, Refugee Crisis

Ethan Regal reports from Nigeria
WARNING: This article contains content many will find distressing

Nigeria, child abuse, Sex Abuse

Editorial - Share this and help Mrs May stop OUTRAGEOUS & UNFAIR tax avoidance like the Grosvenor family's £3billion-plus trust scheme

Wealth, Tax, Theresa May

Why I'm heading to Athens with a team of other experts to help refugees - by Dan Steiner

Appeal, Refugees, Athens

EXCLUSIVE: Babyboomer & acclaimed novelist Judy Astley takes a wry look at the UK vote to leave the EU

EU referendum, Politics, Intolerance

A short poem by Jenny Tonge, member of the House of Lords

Holidays, Debate, Politics

A poem about the US elections by Impolite favourite Amy Barone

Politics, US Politics, US Elections US 2016 Presidential Campaign

Married but alone much of the time, either at work far from home or at home with kids? A MSW tells her story...

Married Single Woman, Relationships, Stress, Commuting

Barrister Jo Shaw is standing for the London Assembly and talks to us exclusively about the party, why she’s standing and how today’s inequalities affect us all

Politics, Greater London Authority Elections

Counterintuitive as it may seem, our editor argues that doing more, not less is the answer if you're disillusioned...

Politics, Volunteering

4.5/5 Stars: Monty Python's Terry Jones presents an excellent documentary on the 2008 financial crash - informative, entertaining & very accessible

Film, Reviews

Impolite favourite Amy Barone's moving poetic tribute to her father

Poetry, Heroes & Inspirations

A tribute to the man who transformed mental health care for the Deaf around the world

Deaf, Mental Health, Transformation

Introduction: Two friends walking and talking

Conversations with Paul, Psychology, Philiosophy, Truth

An enquiry into what is true

Conversations with Paul, Psychology, Philosophy, Truth

Why is it on the increase, and what can you do about it?

Bullying, Corporate Bullying, Office Politics

Our Deputy Editor, who was bullied at school, believes we need to take a much broader view on bullying to properly tackle the problem

Bullying, Depression

A poem inspired by the Greek Island from Impolite favourite Amy Barone


In which our Sex Editor learns he's some sort of a freak, discovers his Mum's black and has bother with his brother, a baseball bat and some bruised bollocks

Violence, Race, Identity

A short poem by Impolite favourite Graham Roos


EXCLUSIVE: The Dr Who actor discusses her ongoing involvement with the Doctor, her love of Big Finish audio productions & her new project 'Strangeness in Space'

Sophie Aldred, Actor, Dr Who, Ace, Strangeness in Space

Founder and Editor-in-chief Matthew Wherry sticks his head above the parapets and answers some questions

Interview, Editor, Impolite Conversation

EXCLUSIVE: The Dr Who actor talks to us about work, the possibility of being the first female Doctor, politics, personal development and more

Sophie Aldred, Actor, Dr Who, Ace

Best-selling author and illustrator, Jez Alborough writes exclusively about the theme of a new sibling's arrival in his new picture book

Jez Alborough, Children's Books

Traolach Ó Buachalla explains how his father's death, and a book, challenged his assumptions about same-sex marriage.

Ireland, Gay Marriage, Referendum

Shopping in Breda (South Holland), Sam didn't expect to find herself in the middle of a carnival ...

Pagan Festival, Carnival, Breda, South Holland

You may not have any; join Yasmin Sheikh for a possibly discomforting journey into the world of language and difference and find out

Disability, Language, Political Correctness

A short story about looks, body image, aging and plastic surgery

Short Story, Looks, Body Image, Aging, Plastic Surgery

Dan Steiner applauds our 10th edition with a brief look at clapping's origins

Clapping, Applause

A celebration of outdoor group sex by Impolite favourite Graham Roos

Poetry, Dogging, Group Sex

A poem by Impolite favourite Amy Barone

Poetry, Travel, Italy

It's often misunderstood and hard to get diagnosed - here are the signs to look out for

Dyspraxia, Bullying, Self-esteem

Two poems from Amy Barone's book Kamikaze Dance

Italy, Ponte de Pria, Treviso

A squadron of Lancaster bombers go on a terrifying and fatal raid over Germany - based on a true story

Fiction, Short Stories, World War II, Lancaster Bomber

Bestselling author Hugh Gurney argues that Christ had more in common with the first punks than you might imagine

Jesus, Punk, Rebels

Bestselling author Jane Owen's take on modern spirituality, whether you can find the meaning of life on the Internet and where she finds her purpose.

Humour, Spirituality, New Age

A poem about the environment

Environment, Pollution, global warming, Poetry

Three short poems by Amy Barone inspired by the world of fashion

Fashion, Versace, Milan, Tailors

The so-called Season of Goodwill is one of the most stressful & depressing. Our resident psychotherapist Dr Robert Owen shares 5 of his Top 10 Tips for a year-round happier life

Happiness, Psychology, Positive Psychology, Philosophy, Psychotherapy

A poignant, true story about the effects of dementia

Old Age, dementia

A poem

Work, Poetry

Our regular contributor shares his experience of visiting a Death Cafe in London

Death, Death Cafe, jon underwood, Nietzsche

Our regular contributor takes a wry look at Australian Christmas traditions

Christmas, Australia

When Becky Killoran and her husband John moved to Kobe 20 years ago, they hadn't considered that Christmas wasn't widely celebrated there. Here's what they found instead...

Christmas, New Year, Japan, Cultre

Impolite Conversation Finds London’s Best Value Night Out

Theatre, Playwrights, Blaggards

A Shocking First Hand Account of Being Gay in Africa's Most Populous Country

Homosexuality, Homophobia, Nigeria, Africa

From preparation for war to peaceful tour, a former lecturer in Political Science at Kingston College makes a case for the EU.

Europe, EU, 1914

I've only once been subject to overt racism. UKIP make it more likely that it will happen again.

UKIP, UK Politics, Elections, Racism

A recent media storm in Ireland illustrates the perils of being unable to leave a liberal bandwagon un-jumped upon


Week Commencing 24th February 2014


An Excellent Rock & Roots-Infused Fourth

A brief trip into visionary worlds

Is this the best dreadful poem ever?

Poetry, Humour

The risks and rewards of emblazoning a message across your chest

T-Shirt Slogans, Clothing

AKA Read The Signs - Graphic Art by Fay Trier & Marc Olivent

This ancient festival fulfills two of our deepest needs, Dan Barnett writes

Halloween, Psychology

A poem

Work, Quitting, Happiness

To many in Poland Halloween is a left-wing, if not pagan threat to the country's moral and religious wellbeing. Our Polish columnist explains

Taking fresh food from bins means you don't need to choose between keeping warm and eating this winter

Eating, Poverty

Snowden Revelations, Privacy, Security, NSA, GCHQ

The Government just ignores it anyway... An outraged American writes about the implications of the Snowden revelations

US Constitution, Politics

It's legal, easy and tax-deductible - and there's no shortage of suckers

Business, Meditation, Yoga

When The Sun's agony aunt says “Few of us are 100 per cent straight” is it time to reassess how we consider sexuality in the 21st Century?

Gay, Homosexuality, Homophobia

Would you like to change your voice? Why not see a vocal coach?

Coaching, Voices, Singing, Speaking, Music

Part two of a powerful new model for explaining how and why we develop specific diseases at specific times


Why we must boycott the Sochi Olympics

Sochi Olympics, Lord Coe, Sport

A Poem by Graham Roos

Inner City

The story of mankind through a wine glass

Alcohol, History, Humour

Ali Saleem, the openly bisexual, cross-dressing actor speaks exclusively about his work and fears for his safety

Begum, Pakistan, TV, Geopolitics

74 years ago this month Nazi Germany invaded Poland.
Was there an alternative?

Poland, Europe, World War II

A preview of Britain's seminal free virtual music festival

Music, festival, Online

An invitation to drown yourself in guilt

Eating dolphin

Artist Sherry Dooley's powerful and moving life story

Art, Life Story, Prostitution, Survival

Why YOU may be a New Ager without realising it

New Age, Science, Religion

Interview with Sherry Dooley, Artist & Survivor of Prostitution

Art, Prostitution, Survival

Have you ever thought you were reincarnated?

Reincarnation, Travel, Italy

A gaijin's (outsider's) experience

Japan, Cultural Differences

A Poem

Poetry, Desert, Arabia

A Poem

Argentina, Falkland Islands, Death, The Disappeared

HiIlarious or Offensive? Side splitting or Sickening?
Tell us what you think.

Dogs, Diet, Meat

What if you weren’t born where you were?
Which nationalities would you rather and rather not be?

Nationality, National Stereotypes

Our Polish Londoner columnist on how cultural differences can lead to unintentional rude words.

Identity, Cultural Differences, Language

(Tribute to songwriter Sixto Rodriquez)

Poetry, Music, Rediscovery

A Northern Irishman living in New York writes: "there are funny guys, mean ones, nerds & rebels everywhere".

Identity, Cultural Differences, Northern Ireland

An interview with the late and much missed dandy, the most impolite conversationalist of all...

Offensive, Dandyism, Philosophy, Drugs, Satan

- but is Twitter really a step forward?

Humour, Technology, Education

It's wrong to advocate for the banning of all live sheep and cattle exports.

Controversy, Anti-Hypocrisy, Ethnocentricity

Culture Club keyboardist Phil Pickett tells the story of how Boy George and he wrote one of pop's biggest ever hits.

Music, 80s, Songwriting, Pop