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Being Away From It All

A short poem by Jenny Tonge, member of the House of Lords


Get away from it all they say, so good,
Relax, chill, let it all hang out
Bliss, with no deadlines or people to meet
Being away from it all.


The air is like wine, the scenery great

I sure feel different, maybe they were right.
A walk up the lane then sit down again.
Being away from it all.


But after a while I begin to miss

The things I have got away from, to rest.
A great ache for debate and a longing develops,
Being away from it all.


Where are the great birds, who greet the dawn,

Roaring like dragons on route to Heathrow,
The traffic, the hum, it's all disappeared,
Being away from it all.


The election hysteria, pounding the streets,

Watching the pundits predict and opine
Men mainly behaving badly, the women superb,
Not seen when away from it all.


The friendly squash on the underground trains,

That lurches and howls as it's Westminster bound,
Homo Sapiens rushing onwards I miss,
Being away from it all.


I love being back with the noise, up The Smoke,

As we called it affectionately back in our youth
Not long though before I begin to so wish,
I was away from it all.

Image credit: Llann Wé (CC Wikimedia)

Jenny Tonge

About the Writer

Jenny worked as a doctor in the UK's National Health Service for over 30 years before serving as Member of Parliament for Richmond Park from 1997 to 2005, when she was elevated to the House of Lords. She now sits as an independent Liberal Democrat and is co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health.


Image CC Keith Edkins


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