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Apocalypse Calypso

A poem about the environment

Image CC Mikael Miettinen


This Eden is heating

degree by degree

the ice caps are melting away.


The green is retreating,

tree upon tree,

as everyone slowly turns gay...


Oh ... the apocapypse calypso

is the latest dance in town

as the oil and gas reserves run out

and the earth beneath turns brown.


The apocalypse calypso

will be danced by every nation

as famine and disease ride in

to reduce the population.


The apocalypse calypso

will speed up evolution

when water sources can't be drunk

because of the pollution.


The apocalypse calypso

is Armageddon chic

it's living for the moment

when the outlook's rather bleak.


Oh the apocalypse calypso

is the only dance that's left

and you've only got yourselves to blame.

for your global greed and theft.


From Apocalypse Calypso



Graham Roos

About the Writer

Graham Roos is a producer, writer and performer. His work has appeared in print, on stage, television and radio. Since 2011 he has been appointed the first Creative Artist in Residence at Buckingham University. His work has been performed by Derek Jacobi, Fenella Fielding and Janet Suzman and his publications include Rave (1997) and Apocalypse Calypso (2012).


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