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8 Reasons NOT to Back Zac

If you're voting in Richmond Park today, we ask that you don't back the dog-whistling faux independent

1 – He may not be racist, but his campaign to become mayor of London was widely considered so:

Source: The Guardian



2 – Other than winning a seat in Parliament twice, his greatest achievement appears to be editing his uncle's magazine:

Source: The Standard



3 – His voting record in parliament shows he's hardly liberal or independent:




4, 5, and 6 – He’s never come clean as to whether he used his inherited non-dom status to avoid tax, he’s not explained why he bought his London home through a Cayman Islands trust, and he only seems to have given up his non-dom status when he was standing for Parliament:

Source: The Guardian

Source: The Telegraph



7 – He’s refused to rule out a future return to the Tories:

Source: Sky News



8 – He only resigned because he opposes the expansion of Heathrow airport. So does Sarah Olney, his opponent:

Source: The Guardian



Please don't back Zac!

Matthew Wherry

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