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12th Edition Editorial

A new beginning?

Welcome to the latest edition of Impolite Conversation. As ever, I'm writing this when I should be getting ready for our launch drinks. Hey ho.


But I promised you a new beginning and here it is: from now on Impolite Conversation will be publishing more regularly, which means our issues will be smaller at launch and we'll add to them between editions. Not a major change, perhaps, but more changes are on the way - keep your eyes open for them!


Our theme for this edition is Heroes and Inspirations and, as it's such a fascinating subject, it will become a permanent sub-section in future editions. We're interested in both well known and unsung heroes and inspirations (and those in between - 'part-sung', perhaps?) and would like to hear about yours too. If you'd like our readers to know about who you admire or take inspiration from, message us and let us know more.


I'm off for a hard-earned glass of wine.


We hope you enjoy.



Matthew Wherry

About the Writer

Matthew is Impolite Conversation's editor.


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