14th Edition

A Solstice Poem

Graham Roos took his mother on a trip to Rome with 'a spiritual twist'.
As this hilarious review explains, they did not enjoy it...

An honest & moving interview with an amazing mother who does

Impolite Writer and Homelessness Charity Expert Dan Steiner is travelling to Athens to support refugees - here's how you can help

Novelist Judy Astley and friends’ wise and witty advice on the DOs and DON’Ts of sleeping with another woman’s husband

A Survival Guide for men in illicit relationships

A poem by Impolite favourite Amy Barone

If you're voting in Richmond Park today, we ask that you don't back the dog-whistling faux independent

We asked for your support for refugees in Athens: Here's what Dan Steiner found, did and spent there

Ethan Regal reports from Nigeria
WARNING: This article contains content many will find distressing

A poem about breaking wind

Editorial - Share this and help Mrs May stop OUTRAGEOUS & UNFAIR tax avoidance like the Grosvenor family's £3billion-plus trust scheme

EXCLUSIVE: Babyboomer & acclaimed novelist Judy Astley takes a wry look at the UK vote to leave the EU

A short poem by Jenny Tonge, member of the House of Lords

Why I'm heading to Athens with a team of other experts to help refugees - by Dan Steiner


Hello and welcome to our latest edition...

This time our opening content has a distinctly political flavour; I set the context for it in our opening article: Hate Politics? Get Involved!


Women are woefully under-represented in both politics and, to a lesser extent, the media. For example, you could be forgiven for thinking the election on Thursday 5th May to become Mayor of London is a race between two men, Labour's Sadiq Khan and the Conservative's Zac Goldsmith. In fact there are 12 candidates, and three of them are women: Liberal Democrat Caroline Pidgeon, the Green Party's Sian Berry and Sophie Walker of the Women’s Equality Party. We'll be running features on each of these inspiring women between now and the election and we start with a profile of Caroline Pidgeon and ask her a few tough questions in our mini-interview. We also have a fascinating in-depth interview with barrister Jo Shaw, candidate for the Women’s Equality Party in the election to the London Assembly.


We've recently made changes to how we produce Impolite Conversation and what we put in it: We now publish fewer articles at launch and release content more regularly, so do keep an eye out for new articles on Facebook and Twitter. We're also publishing shorter pieces, such as mini-interviews, profiles and this short piece by former BBC Newsnight political editor James Cox on why every vote can count. But don't worry if you like our longer pieces; we'll keep producing in depth articles too...


Forthcoming articles in this edition also include poems by Jenny Tonge, member of the House of Lords and Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health, and by Impolite Favourite Amy Barone, and a feature on Single Married Women.


We hope you enjoy...



"All roads lead us back to Craig Whittaker MP" says our source; there are questions for the Mayor of Calderdale too...

Bestselling thriller author Hector Macdonald makes a positive case for voting to Remain in the EU

A poem about the US elections by Impolite favourite Amy Barone

World Exclusive: Chairman resigns, Craig Whittaker MP's office to be investigated next sources say

Married but alone much of the time, either at work far from home or at home with kids? A MSW tells her story...

Another poem about politics from Impolite favourite, Amy Barone

Counterintuitive as it may seem, our editor argues that doing more, not less is the answer if you're disillusioned...

EXCLUSIVE: The most experienced candidate in the race to become Mayor of London tell us about her proudest achievements in the London Assembly, the Lib Dem ‘brand’, running a positive campaign and working with other parties

Former Newsnight political editor James Cox tells us why no vote is wasted

A profile of WE's candidate in the election for Mayor of London on 5th May

Barrister Jo Shaw is standing for the London Assembly and talks to us exclusively about the party, why she’s standing and how today’s inequalities affect us all

A profile of the Liberal Democrat standing for Mayor of London

A profile of the Green Party's candidate for the London elections tomorrow 

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